What's Happening Now
Labor Day
September 4, 2017

Veterans Day
November 11, 2017

Call today to arrange for flowers to
be placed on your loved one's grave
site for t
hese or any meaningful days
of remembrance.
Water, Water, Water

In the warm late summer days, plants
can easily show signs of stress if
they are not watered frequently.  We
recommend a thorough watering at
least 2 -3 times per week.

Serving Fairfield County Since 2009
TLC Grave Site Maintenance, LLC offers individual grave site flower planting and care, as well as
delivery of fresh flower arrangements directly to your loved one's grave site.  With Christmas and
Easter items designed exclusively for TLC and a unique Mausoleum Silk Flower Program, we  
provide high quality grave site beautification combined with tender loving care.
Fall Flowers

By mid-September, the summer
flowers will start to fade and it will be
time to transition to fall flowers.  
Chrysanthemums, astors, pepper
plants, kale/cabbage and even
pansies are good fall options.  Just
be sure to spray with deer repellent
as some of these are tempting food
for the deer.