Serving Fairfield County Since 2009

Planting annual or perennial flowers
at the grave site provides ongoing
color and beauty throughout the

Complimentary individual estimates
are provided based on the size of
the area to be planted, what is
currently there, the kind of flowers
desired, etc.    

Planting services start at $90.00  
and include digital photographs of
work done.

** Please note that we follow all cemetery
rules and guidelines with regard to grave
site planting and beautification.
Care Plans

Our Full Care Package includes all
necessary watering, weeding, dead
heading of flowers, clearing of
leaves or debris, and application of
deer repellant throughout the
season.  This no-worry approach is
guaranteed to keep your site
blooming beautifully and gives you
peace of mind, knowing the site is
cared for consistently.

Some clients prefer occasional
assistance with watering or
caretaking and we can do that as

Whatever your needs are, we can
design a care package just for
you.   Call us today to get the help
you need.
Special Occasions

Flower bouquets may be placed at
a grave site in remembrance of:

    Mother's Day                
    Memorial Day
    Father's Day                 
    Veteran's Day

Above placements include flowers,
delivery, and a digital photograph
of the grave site.  Cut flower
arrangements start at $50.